2018 - WQBC Schedule & Competitors

We are excited to announce the line-up of Baristas who will be competing at the West Qualifier Barista Competition in Vancouver. This is a free event so join in on the fun at Performance Works, Granville Island and support your fellow Baristas. If you can't make it, we will be live streaming their routines on our Facebook page. Follow us there and be sure to come back to check out the competition. 

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Daniel Houghton - Vernon, British Colombia 

@dehoughton @amplifiedcafe

Growing up in the Interior of BC, Daniel attended university there where he fell in love with coffee. Daniel plays Pickleball and volunteers with local organizations. Married to his beautiful wife Eden, they have a standard poodle named Eugene which they love hiking with. Residing in both Vernon and Kamloops, Daniel enjoys spending time building relationships with individuals in both cities.  Daniel work at Amplified Cafe.

Competing at 12pm PT


Ashley Lalonde - Calgary, Alberta

@ashlalondee @monogramco

Ashley is sharing her love for coffee, climbing, and finance in Calgary, AB. She is the founder of The Wise Banker, a financial company seeking to overcome a mountain of debt in Canada and is inspiring people to honour people through her passion project: The Honour Project. She began building her career as a coffee professional in December 2017, serving those in her community at Monogram coffee. As someone who enjoys the outdoors, she can be found hiking or climbing in the Rocky Mountains with a coffee in hand.

Competing at 12:30pm PT


David, kim - calgary, alberta

@nyeongkim @philandseb

This will be David's 3rd time representing Phil & Sebastian at this competition. As a Roaster, he tastes and evaluate their espresso and filtered coffees, develop and adjust the espresso roasting profiles. Catch him behind bar at the Simmon's Building in Calgary every Sunday morning. 

Competing at 1pm PT

Photo courtesy of @cafeyvr 

Photo courtesy of @cafeyvr 

Kris Wu, Vancouver, British Colombia

@k7wu @swisswater

Kris can be described as someone who lives chasing after the inspiration he finds from coffee, good food, wine, craft products, quality time with friends and family, and the occasional run on sentence where the end has lost sight of the beginning. All of his work can be distilled to one thing: he help people serve coffee. These days, the majority of that work is done at Swiss Water where they strive to bring great coffee experiences to those who, for whatever reason, happen to be avoiding caffeine.

Competing at 1:30pm PT


Jill Hoff - Calgary, Alberta

@jillhoff @monogramco

Jill have been making coffee at monogram as a coffee professional for the past three years. This will be her third competition season. She is passionate about bringing greater coffee culture to Calgary. 

Competing at 2pm PT


TITUS VARGA- Vancouver, British Colombia

Competing at 2:30pm PT


KARINE NG - Calgary, Alberta


Competing at 3pm PT


Nelson Phu - Calgary, Alberta

@thatfellownello @rossocoffeeroasters

Nelson works as the barista trainer at Rosso Coffee Roasters. While having only worked for two years in specialty coffee, his past experiences in hospitality have helped him really dial into this role. He is an avid traveler, enjoys eating nice things, collects sneakers, pets dogs and has a fondness for washed Kenyan Coffees. Nelson says, “Life should be balanced, like your espressos; sometimes you win some, but sometimes you dim sum.”

Competing at 3:30pm PT


Jordon Jeschke - Calgary, Alberta

@jordonjeschke @transcendcoffee

His coffee journey began 8 years ago at Starbucks and moved on to various local cafes where he ended up running a small espresso cart serving coffee at weddings and trade shows. After being judges at the 2014 Prairie Regional Barista Competition, he and his wife moved to Edmonton to work at TranscendCoffee.  His role currently includes in-house staff training, wholesale cafe training as well as equipment repair and maintenance. He also get to teach a variety of public coffee courses that range from espresso and latte art to brewing and tasting.

Competing at 4pm PT


Edmond, Keung - Vancouver, British Colombia


Working at Moving Coffee Roastery in Vancouver, Edmond is involved in all aspects of the seed to cup cycle. From sourcing their exceptional green coffee, to roasting and brewing it. 

Competing at 4:30pm PT


CALVIN KUO - Vancouver, British Colombia


Competing at 5pm PT

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