Specialty Coffee Association Canada Chapter.


We are the Canadian Chapter of the SCA.

The Canadian Chapter of the Specialty Coffee Association is a National Chapter of the SCA . We are registered as a non-profit organization in Alberta. The National Coordinators are considered to be ‘board members’ of the organization and are elected by the membership every two years in May. There is limited oversight from the SCA in terms of governing the way each country’s chapter is run. This allows the Canadian Chapter to represent Canadian members in the most flexible and nimble way possible. We are here to #makecoffeebetter.


What we do.

The goal of the Canadian Chapter is to serve the community with transparency and inclusion. No one is being excluded from being involved in the chapter, though with no existing method of communicating to all parties involved in specialty coffee in Canada, it is difficult to communicate to everyone. All existing Canadian members of the SCAA or SCAE are now part of the SCA Canadian Chapter, but there are many more people and companies we want to be involved in a Canadian-run organization. We do our best to raise awareness of specialty coffee through four methods.


We sanction and aid hosts with execution of Regional & National level competitions which feed into the WCE (World Coffee Events) circuit.


We organize and execute initiatives to educate our community, competitors, judges, and followers - both online and across the nation.


We strive to build and support coffee communities across the country, not only in major cities. We do this through events, webinars, and scholarships.


We collaborate with our members - both individuals and companies - to raise awareness and funds for the organization through mutually beneficial projects.





Specialty Coffee Association.

Built on foundations of openness, inclusivity and the power of shared knowledge, we act as a unifying force within the Specialty Coffee industry – invested in creating a worldwide circle of like-minded professionals.

Unified but not uniform, we celebrate and nurture diversity. We understand the importance of local knowledge and strive to connect every individual with the resources to improve their opportunities and make their voice heard on a global stage.

Representing a global pool of experience and talent, we are our members and together we work towards a better, more sustainable future for each and every one of us – wherever in the world we are.