Brewers Cup


The 2019 National Brewers Cup will take place from March 1-3 at Transcend Coffee & Roastery - Ritchie Market, in Edmonton, AB. The winner of this event will be given the opportunity to represent Canada at the 2019 World Brewers Cup, at the Specialty Coffee Expo, taking place in Boston, MA from April 11-14!

The Brewers Cup is a competition that consists of two (2) rounds: a Round One and a Finals round. Round One is divided into two (2) components: the Compulsory Service and the Open Service. The Finals round consists of only one (1) Open Service.

There will be three (3) sensory judges in each service that competitors will be serving and preparing three (3) separate and individual drinks for. There will also be one head judge who will taste all three cups that have been prepared, to judge uniformity. This judge will also be looking at the overall workflow.


Competitors are allowed to use any set of manual brewing devices that they choose. Pick your favorite, and/or the one that you feel most comfortable with! If you are not sure if a brewing device is allowed you can always check the qualifications in section 5.7 in 2019 World Brewers Cup Rules and Regulations.

During the Compulsory Service the competitors will have eight (8) minutes for set up, and seven minutes for competition time. During this service competitors will prepare and serve beverages from the coffee provided by Brewers Cup. (You read that correctly, all competitors use the same provided coffee for the Compulsory Service round.) This part of the competition does not have a presentation, as it is focused on seeing how the competitors can adapt to a coffee that is new to them.

During the Open Service,competitors will have five (5) minutes to set up, and ten minutes of competition time. During this service, competitors will prepare and serve a coffee of their choosing, as well as deliver a presentation that goes along with their chosen beans, brew method, and preparation.

Just a reminder that hot water, grinder, and service vessels will be provided by the Brewers Cup competition. Although competitors are required to use these provided items for the Compulsory Service, they are allowed to bring their own items for the Open Service, if they so desire.

Remember that all competitors are expected to read and understand the 2019 World Brewers Cup Rules and Regulations.

Have fun preparing and competing!

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