2018 - CNBC Schedule & Competitors

SCA national barista.jpg


  • Location: Harborfront Center - Lakeside Terrance, Toronto, Ontario

  • Qualifying Round May 26, 2018, 9am - 7pm 

  • Final Round May 27th, 2018, 11:30am - 6pm 

The qualifying competitors are gearing up for the Canadian National Barista Competition happening in Toronto on May 26th. The top 6 for that day will compete on May 27th to be crowned the winner and advance to compete on the world stage in Amsterdam the following month. Check the competitor's list below along with the schedule for when they will be competing. 

SCA-east qualif (1).jpg

david lalonde - Montreal, Quebec - 9:30am EST

jay lee - Waterloo, Ontario - 10:00am EST

nat fried - toronto, ontario - 4:00pm EST

anne cumby - hamilton, ontario - 11:30am EST

yadi arifin - toronto, ontario - 12:00pm est

raichel neufeld - toronto, ontario - 2:00PM EST

COLE TORODE - Calgary, Alberta - 3:00pm EST

elly cortez - kitchener, ontario - 2:30pm EST

Graham hayes - toronto, ontario - 5:00pm est

SCA-west qualif (2).jpg

karine - calgary, alberta - 11:00am eST

jordon jeschke - edmonton, alberta - 12:30pm EST

nelson phu - calgary, alberta - 1:00pm EST

kris wu - vancouver, british colombia - 1:30pm EST

jill HOFF - calgary, alberta - 10:30Am EST

edmond keung - vancouver, british colombia - 3:30pm ESt

david kim - calgary, alberta - 4:30pm EST

ashley lalonde - calgary, alberta - 5:30pm ES