Coffee Skills Program


What’s it all about?

The official education program of the SCA consists of education in the following specialties within the coffee industry:

  • Introduction to Coffee

  • Barista Skills

  • Brewing

  • Green Coffee

  • Sensory Skills

  • Roasting

Together these modules of learning are known as the SCA Coffee Skills Program. Students can take advantage of learning through three stages of knowledge and skills in each module: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional. 


Find courses

All courses are taught by Approved SCA Trainers (ASTs) who are licensed to instruct to the SCA’s standards. Courses can either be taken at Premier Training Campuses or at other locations. Deciding on the trainer and location to attend is up to each student.


becoming an AST

Do you hold a Professional certificate in one of the CSP modules and want to take yourself to the next level and become an AST?