Host Application


Interested in hosting one of the SCA Competitions in your city? SCA Canada is currently opening up an application process where you can host a Regional and/or National competition within a competition season. Here's how it will work:

1. Submit a proposal by filling out the short form below.

2. If selected, SCA Canada will provide tools and resources necessary to ensure protocols are met and the competition(s) a success.

3. Provide feedback post-event to help with future hosts.



We recommend that Hosts budget between $5K - $10K to cover the costs associated with hosting SCA competitions and suggest fundraising through sponsorship.

Hosts are responsible for: venue/electical/water costs, the travel costs of the winner to Nationals/Worlds, and meals for the volunteers + judges. SCA Canada does not require monetary contribution for a ‘Host License,’ but rather an agreement to work collaboratively to ensure the event is a success for both the Host and the organization.