Latte Art Competition


This year, Canadian Latte Art Championship will be held at the Restaurants Canada Show in Toronto, between February 24-26. The last day to register is February 22nd. The winner of this competition will be representing Canada at the 2019 World Latte Art Championship (WLAC)! In summary, the competitors will be required to present two separate sets of free-pour lattes, followed by one set of designer lattes. All of the pours must match a pre-prepared photograph of the same design. Competitors will have five minutes of preparation time, followed by ten minutes of competition time. The routine will be delivered in front of 4 judges: two visual judges, one technical, and one head judge.

Competitors are required to use the espresso machine, grinder, coffee, cups, and milk chosen by the competition. A big aspect of this competition is preparing for having to use unfamiliar equipment and ingredients! Competitors will be evaluated on technical and visual aspects of the performance.

Ultimately, all competitors are responsible to understand the current WLAC rules and regulations. The format for the Canadian competition is referred to as “Final Round” in WLAC terms. There will be a competitor’s meeting the morning of the first round competition. Also, you can reach out to Mike Strumpf at with any questions!

To get you started, here are some key points that you can start with in the World Latte Art Championship Official Rules and Regulations document.

  • Section 3.5: What does a “photograph” mean anyways???

  • Detailed description of this year’s competition format

  • Section 5: Don’t arrive to face surprises!

  • Equipment and Ingredients

  • Section 7: Set yourself up for success!

  • Preparation

  • Section 14: Points are in the detail!

  • Technical Evaluation

  • Section 15: And of course, it needs to look pretty!

  • Visual Evaluation

Our website will be updated as soon as more equipment and ingredients are confirmed!

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