National Marketing & Communication Coordinator - Application

We are looking to fill in the National Marketing & Communication Coordinator role for SCA Canada. The National Coordinators meeting on a weekly basis to discuss upcoming topics and concerns.

The requirements are as follows: 

  • Be a member of the SCA
  • Be willing to fulfil the following responsibilities through the end of the term (April 2019):
    • Communicate with members regularly through social media, website, email - News, Events,
      announcements etc.
    • Share & engage with Marketing & Communications team
    • Directly communicate with Competitors –Registrations, Event details etc.
    • Publish a Chapter newsletter quarterly to all members & Sponsors and extended community
    • Regular social media activity engaging/sharing with members and the extended community - SCA
      Communications & Marketing
    • Support Translations of news, announcements from the association to members.
    • Connect with the Guilds and promote events to the local audience
    • Ensure Brand guidelines are adhered to
    • Engage with local Media & Press

All interested applicants are encouraged to apply below. The election process will be based on majority votes from the National Coordinators taking place on March 22nd. The last day to submit will be on March 20th with announcement to follow on March 23rd.

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