Minute Notes - March 29, 2018 - 5pm EST

Attending: Josh, Sam, Mike, Gabe

Minutes by Sam

National Barista Comp. & Beanstock

  • Sam site visit to Quantum on March 29th for Aeropress Competition. Quantum will look into seeing if the study room and patio is free on May 25th. They’re open to closing the cafe down early for the event.

  • Mike to touch base with Adam about the Educational aspect of the weekend

  • Adam, Josh & Jen to talk about sponsorship & finances; rely in Gabe when ready to create a sponsorship package


Brewer’s Cup & Cup Tasters

  • Ideas for winners since SCA will not be sending a representative to Worlds:

    • SCA organizes origin trips - so SCA Canada can potentially do the same to send Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters winners to the trip

    • Give money to winners to Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters


East Qualifier Barista Competition

  • Josh communicated to East Qualifier Barista Competitors

  • Graham would like to get the 4th place plaque - Sam to facilitate the plaque change

  • 18 competitors invited to compete in Nationals; if more than 2 drops out SCA will only open spots to fill in 16 slots

  • Sam to follow up with Cliff about East Qualifier outstandings


SCA Communication

  • Communicate to qualifying competitors with updates along the way

  • Adam to send Gabe SCA profiles/PW and pass off any Marketing & Communication information

  • Put out a call for competitors & judges, sponsors, hosts for Brewers Cup & Cup Tasters

  • Communicate:

    • Subcommittee form

    • Brewers Cup & Cup Tasters will not happen in May

Next Meeting: April 5th, 5pm EST

Minute Notes - March 22, 2018 - 5pm EST

Attending: Josh, Sam, Adam, Mike, Jen

Minutes by Mike

Recap of EQBC

  • There were many issues, but the competition happened.
  • The espresso machines arrived 1 day late, which made the setup very stressful. It is not always possible to have machines shipped earlier because that means machines need to be stored offsite and then transported.
  • One lesson is that SCA Canada need to clearly define expectations for roles. For example:
    • Machine sponsor- be on site the entire time of practice and competition, understand the electronics of the machine, etc.
    • Event manager- be on site the entire time of practice and competition, delegate tasks to others, etc.
    • Station maintenance- keep track of grinder movement from station to station, monitor issues with grinders, etc.
  • SCA Canada need to define a screening process to hosts and explain up front that the host needs to communicate to the National Committee frequently. Also, the National Committee needs to be more hands on with checking in and mentoring in advance of the event.
  • There was an error with tabulating the scores of all competitors, and Josh will send a message to all competitors explaining the error.


  • Included with the National Sponsorship package, SCA Canada need to define expectations of the sponsors and include vetting of sponsors.


  • National Coordinators were sceptical of their ability to run the Cup Tasters and Brewers Cup Championships at the same time as the Barista Championship. Even though a vote was done previously to have Cup Tasters Championship along with Barista Championship, SCA Canada felt like it would be advantageous to run Cup Tasters and Brewers Cup at the same event.
  • A vote was passed with 4 of 5 votes to run Cup Tasters and Brewers Cup Championships at a later date.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

  • 4 applications came in.
  • Adam will forward the applications to National Coordinators and a vote will take place via text on the 23rd.


  • Communication needs to be made to Jen in advance of the events so that planning can be made.
  • Guidelines need to be set for typical items such as food, etc.
  • Sponsors need to pay before the event happens.
  • Focus on yearlong National Sponsors.

Next Meeting: March 29th, 5pm EST

Minute Notes - March 8, 2018 - 5pm EST

Attending: Josh, Sam, Adam, Mike, Jen

Minutes by Jen

Ottawa Eastern Regional:

  • Equipment from ECM is on its way to Bridgehead
  • Dalla Corte shiping tables
  • Gabriel may be able to help with coordination. Wes and Adam can also help.
  • Josh handle communications
  • Need to talk to the venue people, and order water.
  • Zuccarini and Christina will be there at 8am on the 15th
  • Jen will send a list of previous roaster sponsors from the East
  • Little Victories to host a party on Thursday night


  • Sam is doing a site visit March 9th with Grant
  • There will be a volunteer call out next Tuesday at Boxcar Social - cancelled
  • AeroPress competition and Barista Competition in one venue? Application is being submitted
  • Hario x Eight Ounce hosted after party
  • Debated having Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters on the same weekend. Decided to just have cup tasters as it is easier to organize. Adam will call out for volunteers to organize it. No Brewers Cup this year - tentative
  • No one has come forward about the marketing position yet. We need to reach out to those who might be interested. The deadline will be extended if need be.

Next Thursday's conference call to be skipped, next meeting will be the 22nd.

SCA Canada's Position on Events in the U.A.E. and Brazil

RE: Deferred Candidacy Policy for Competitors at World Championships

Yesterday, the Specialty Coffee Association’s Board of Directors and Review Panel, after several weeks of conversation and contemplation, announced their decision to go forward with hosting multiple World Coffee Events in countries with oppressive policies and violent attitudes towards the LGBTQIA+ community.

In the wake of that decision, the Canadian Chapter of the SCA would like to affirm our unequivocal support for all members of our community and the coffee community at large. The SCA’s decision does not align with our Chapter’s steadfast belief in the principles of equity and inclusivity, and places the burden of responsibility onto those who are most endangered by it.

As the Chapter’s elected coordinators, we have unanimously resolved to not send Canadian competitors to the following events: 

  • World Cup Tasters Championship and World Brewers Cup in Dubai, UAE (16 - 18 September 2018)
  • World Latte Art Championship and the World Coffee in Good Spirits Championships in Brazil (November 2018)

We cannot, in good conscience, ask our members to choose between compromising their safety, disclosing unnecessarily, not competing in the first place, or any of the other options this policy might require. We believe our community is worth more than deferment requests and qualifying circumstances. As a Chapter, we must stand for human rights for all. 

For 2018, our plan is to still hold regional competitions and national championships for the affected events, but the Chapter will not be sending competitors to the international events in Dubai and Brazil. Additionally, our national competitions will be open to any and all participants from around the world who would prefer not to participate in those championships. We believe that coffee can be a medium for affecting positive change in the world and are proud to be a part of that change. If anyone has any comments or concerns, we can be reached at ocanadasca@gmail.com.


Love and Respect,

Josh Hockin         Sam Le         Vania Ling           Adam Pesce       Mike Strumpf

Edmonton Welcomes the 2017 Barista Competition of Western Canada  

An invitation for the coffee-curious to experience the most northern barista competition in North America

Edmonton, Alberta - July 27, 2017: The Barista Competition of Western Canada will take place for the first time in Edmonton on Sunday, July 30th . This year, 11 competitors Western Qualifiers will be going head-to-head at Transcend Coffee Ritchie Café during the public event, battling to qualify for the 2017 Nationals. Within less that 15 minutes, each barista will create a set of three espresso-based drinks and present to selected sensory judges.

Simply, the competitors will be tasked with impressing the judges with the use of espresso, cappuccino (or milk-based drink), and a special signature drink that highlights the flavours of the origin of the coffee. Judges for the competition have attended an online training course and will rigorously prepare with several espressos to hone and calibrate their taste buds the day before competition. The feedback they provide helps baristas improve their skills, push professionalism and innovation, and further bring the industry together.

The 11 competitors are:

  • Calvin Kuo, Rocanini Coffee Roasters, Vancouver BC
  • Alexander Tarrant, Odyssey Coffeehouse, Calgary AB
  • Jordan Jeschke, Transcend Coffee, Edmonton AB
  • Kris Wu, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company, Burnaby BC
  • Nelson Phu, Rosso Coffee Roasters, Calgary AB
  • Ayaka Honda, Vancouver BC
  • Jill Hoff, Monogram Coffee Calgary AB
  • Ben Put, Monogram Coffee, Calgary AB
  • David Kim, Phil & Sebastian, Calgary AB
  • Tyler Clark, Transcend Coffee, Edmonton AB
  • Cole Torode, Rosso Coffee Roasters, Calgary AB

The top eight competitors advance to Nationals in Vancouver and the winner will represent Canada at the World Barista Championship in Seoul, South Korea in November, 2017.


A Public Invitation – Complimentary Admission

Friends, families, coffee-curious and hungry-humans are encouraged to attend the competition, participate in the festivities, and taste some of the delicious competition coffee.

Time: 11 am - 4 pm

Location: Transcend Coffee Ritchie Café, The Richie Market

Address: 9570 76 Avenue NW

Hashtag: #LetsWQBC



Media interviews with head Judges, Mike Strumpf and Josh Hockin (Canadian Barista Champion 2011) can be scheduled during judge training on Saturday.  Three-time Canadian Barista Champion, Ben Put will also be returning to defend the title this weekend, after representing Canada on the world stage at the 2014, 2015, 2016 World Barista Competition.


Volunteers Needed

The Specialty Coffee Association Canada is looking for vibrant and coffee-loving volunteers to help out during the competition. Positions include stage runners and helpers. Any support provided will help make this a memorable Edmontonian welcome!


About Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Canadian Chapter

Specialty Coffee Association, Canadian chapter, was officially formed in May and is part of the international member association of SCA. The purpose for SCA is to bring together the specialty coffee industry and to serve the community with transparency and inclusion.

The Canadian chapter is building new communication channels  to engage the specialty coffee industry and consumers within Canada to educate, collaborate, and inform as one united support system. The SCA Canadian chapter is a volunteer-based organization.


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