April 18, 2019

Attending: Grant, Josh, Sam, Mike, Adam
Notes by: Grant

Elections for next two-year term.

  • End of two year term for current Coordinators.

  • Mansi + SCA did not agree with the idea of 1 year terms for certain member roles, to aid with transition period and maintain some current coordinators. Better for election every two years with full changeover. Current Coordinators may run again for their positions.

  • Alternatively, current Coordinators may build an ‘Advisory Board’ and join as consultants for new Coordinators.

  • SCA Canada may have more than five competitors. Sam to connect with Mansi and obtain roles and descriptions from SCA Korea + SCA USA Chapters who have 25+ Coordinator roles. Perhaps a model to follow.

  • End of April - Finalize Roles. May 1st - Election announces and nominations open for two week period. Mid May - Verify is nominees are current SCA Members. Last week of May the election takes places and voting continues until early June when announcement takes place.

  • Important to relay that “To run for a National Coordinator Role or to vote, you must be a member of the SCA.” Good opportunity to promote membership benefits.

  • Adam to send Grant the Membership FAQ for website and socials.

  • Current Coordinators to decide on roles for election by end of April.

  • Grant to handle promotion of election and relay information.

Competition Scholarship

  • Potential of launching a ‘scholarship’ for prospective competitors, where they will receive their registration fee waived upon review of candidates. Potentially pilot this project for 2020 Qualifiers (Barista Championships). Grant and Sam to coordinate the parameters, Grant to handle promotion.

Minute Notes - April 4, 2019

Attending: Sam, Josh, Mike, Adam, Grant
Notes by: Grant

Recap of LA + CIGS 2019

  • Overall ran smoothly - better than 2018, higher attendance and interest.

  • Limited by the hours of the show floor, so competition is capped at 9/10 competitors for each

  • Other companies are interested in hosting LA + CIGS but no official host applications have been submitted for 2020

  • If there is more interest, we can host Qualifiers as well as Nationals

  • Grant to connect with RC Show + Dalla Corte RE: Sponsorship to send winners to worlds

Recap of BrC + CT 2019

  • Competitions went very smoothly with Eight Ounce & Transcend as hosts. Only a small electrical issue which was resolved immediately.

  • Th3rd Wave in Montreal are interested in hosting 2020 BrC + CT in tandem with ECCM over the October weekend in Montreal.

  • Host applications remain open for 2020 season

Recap of BC 2019

  • Overall the competition was a success. Space was great, with good exposure and venue. Sanremo did an excellent job as the Host + Equipment Supplier. Only technical issue was with Ceado grinders - possibly revisit new sponsor for 2020 season.

  • Sanremo will continue as the machine sponsor for 2020 season.

  • Alternative Milks in competitions - Chris Tellez was not disqualified but scored zero in the milk round. Chapters do not have influence over the WCE rules and regulations, but the rules may be revisited in the future. The issue lies with nut allergies (common), and that alternative milks will be more difficult to judge. National Chapters may allow whichever rules they see fit, but for the World Routine, competitors would need to abide by WCE rules an change their original routine. Overall the National Coordinators are happy to see competitors use competition as a platform to express their passion and opinions. This was a positive.

  • 2020 Qualifier will be held in London, ON in the fall. SCA to follow up with event host and oversee progress of planning. Overall the event is set and ready for announcement.

  • Event Company in Victoria, BC has put in an application to host a 2020 Qualifier on Vancouver Island.

  • Sanremo has suggested a 2020 National in Montreal. Without an official host, will default to Sanremo. More details to follow.

2020 season bids and next steps

  • Grant to map out campaign to generate awareness and seek hosts.

  • Coordinators to announce at SCA Expo that Chapter is searching for 2020 hosts.

Collaborations + Additional

  • Workshop Wednesday will be back in May - SCA Expo takes precedence

  • Pilot will be following up with information on campaign results

  • RGC have expressed interest in a campaign - Grant to follow up.

Minute Notes - January 10, 2019

Attending: Josh, Sam, Mike, Grant
Minutes by: Grant

2019 National Coffee In Good Spirits & Latte Art

  • Restaurants Canada has yet to confirm Coffee Sponsor as well as Alcohol Sponsor

  • Grant to connect with Hennessy via Adam to follow up on previous interest

  • 8/9 competitors have signed up for Latte Art

  • 7/9 competitors have signed up for CIGS

2019 National Brewers Cup & Tasters Cup

  • Competitor registration will be live next week

  • Judge + Volunteer callout will follow shortly

  • Event Host will be in charge of volunteers

  • Miguel will be the official WCE Judge and sanction the event

2019 National Barista Championship

  • Date will be within the dates: March 14-17, 2019 in Toronto, ON (pending confirmation from WCE Judge + Sanremo)

  • Hector will be the WCE Judge and sanction the event

  • Sanremo has confirmed that the first round of machines is complete and ready to air ship at the end of the month

  • There can be a maximum of 36 competitors with finalists moving on to the last day.

  • SCA Canada to explore the opportunity to host training workshops with Nuova Simonelli (ECM + Zuccarini) to help prepare competitors and maintain relationship


  • Sam will be putting together a master spreadsheet to clarify responsibilities of Committees, Event Hosts, Sponsors etc.

  • Grant will begin to compile official SCA Canada Document Packages (sponsors/event hosts/committee)

  • Grant to put a call out for Marketing & Communications Subcommittee, along with Marketing volunteers for the competitions

  • Terminology - ‘Qualifiers’ opposed to ‘Regionals’ - Competitors do not have to compete within their region

  • There is a 2020 Barista Championship Qualifier confirmed

Minute Notes - January 3, 2019

Attending: Sam, Adam, Mike, Grant
Minutes by: Grant


  • Next WW will be on Wednesday, January 9th at 6PM PST / 9PM EST

  • 002 will cover the Latte Art Competition and Sam Low is the guest speaker

  • 001 has been uploaded to the website.

  • Website has been updated to include tools and resources to help create strong National competitors to represent Canada on the world stage.


  • The 2019 Brewers Cup + Cup Tasters Championships will be hosted by Eight Ounce & Transcend on March 1 - 3 in Edmonton, Alberta at Transcend Coffee Roasters.

  • The Official Equipment Sponsor for Cup Tasters will be Technivorm Canada (Transcend).

  • Mike will not be present for the competitions, Miguel will sanction the event as head judge.

  • Registration will go up shortly, as will call out for judges + volunteers


  • The 2019 National Barista Championship will take place March 14-17 in Toronto, ON *Pending on WCE Judge schedule

  • The Sanremo Cafe Racer will be the official machine for the competitions.

  • Sanremo has approved Mahlkonig as the Grinder Sponsor for the 2019 competition.

  • Competitors may bring an EK43 if preferred.

  • Sanremo Italy has approved the first round of custom machines to be sent in time for the 2019 season.

  • Sanremo Italy has begun the process of creating an official line of customized machines exclusive for Canada, which will be ready for the 2020 season.

  • Mike will not be present, so a WCE certified judge has been confirmed to sanction the event.


  • Grant to connect with Brenda (RC Show) and confirm Alcohol, and Coffee sponsors.

  • Eight Ounce has applied to provide cups for Latte Art as well as sponsor the event.

  • Sam to connect with Pilot and see if Roastery space is available for training + calibration the day before the competitions begin (Saturday, February 23rd)

  • Mike will be present as the WCE certified judge


  • Put a call out for Judges + Volunteers for all competitions

  • Grant to re-activate Judge application forms on website

  • Grant to create an application for Marketing & Communications subcommittee

Minute Notes - December 14, 2018

Attending: Mike, Adam, Grant
Minutes by: Grant


  •  Grant to create an Education section on the website

  • Grant to embed Workshop Wednesday 001 Video to website and create story highlight to redirect people to the site.

  • Education committee in the process of creating an application for the website so that the Specialty Coffee Public may sign up to be a guest speaker or host.

  • Workshop Wednesday 002 will cover Latte Art Competition

  • Workshop Wednesday 003 will cover the Barista Championships



  • Sanremo has given the green light to bring on Mahlkonig as the Official Grinder Sponsor for 2019 Nationals

  • Proposed date is March 7 – 9, 2019 in Toronto, ON.

  • Three day competition will allow for two days of qualifiers so more competitors can take part.

  • Mike will not be present for the competition so Sanremo or SCA Canada to bring in a WCE certified judge to sanction the event.

  • Josh to connect with Mahlkonig.

  • Adam to connect with Mansi to create necessary contracts.

  • Host applications for 2020 season will remain open.



  • Bid of most support to the SCA and Specialty Coffee Community is Brewers Cup & Tasters Cup held at Transcend in Edmonton, AB, March 1st & 2nd or March 2nd & 3rd

  • Josh to confirm if Tecnhivorm Equipment Sponsor bid is for one year or two years.

  • Considering Th3rd Wave BC & CT bid to move to Montreal in collaboration with ECCM October 2019 for the 2020 competition season.

  • Hale Coffee Roasters under consideration for Eastern Qualifiers 2020 season.

  • An official decision has not yet been made on 2019 Nationals.

  • Host applications for 2020 season will remain open.



  • Restaurants Canada to reach out to sponsors

  • Require cup sponsor, alcohol sponsor, coffee sponsor.