Canadian Barista Competitions, it's official!

Think you have an aesthetic eye?  We ran a smaller survey to poll our audience for their logo input and today we release our 2017 Barista Competition logos.

Final Results - we’re going to go with the rounded crest! Don’t worry if it’s not your favourite we will be doing more development later, but let’s get going on competition!


Volunteer call out is in order, we are looking for expert photographers, tweeters, and helping hands.  If you can count to ten, love coffee, and have a heart, we want to talk to you!

East to West, this competition is run by volunteers and that’s what makes it brilliant!

Consider this:

Depending on what skills you’d like to develop, or if you’re interested in networking with like-minded coffee people, or consider the behind the scenes media tweeting of the barista competition exhilarating; we can find the right fit and help you get that experience.