Minute Notes - November 22, 2019 - 5PM EST

Attending: Josh, Sam, Mike, Grant
Minutes by: Grant

*Note - Grant Gamble was appointed National Marketing & Communications Coordinator following Gabriel Navarro’s resignation November 1st

Due to time and resource constraints we are considering hosting only National Level Competitions for the 2019 season. This is not uncommon for SCA Chapters internationally.


  • Eight Ounce has expressed interest in hosting Nationals for both competitions

  • Transcend has expressed interest in hosting National Cup Tasters

  • Propeller and Hale have both expressed interest in hosting both competitions

  • Applications to Host and/or Equipment Sponsors are still open


  • National Latte Art and Coffee In Good Spirits will be hosted in Toronto February 24 - 26 at the RC Show (Restaurants Canada), and Dalla Corte Canada will be the Machine Sponsor.

  • Sam has created forms for competitor sign-ups and submitted to RC Show. A revision has to be made and competitor registration will be open shortly after.

  • Competitors are to sign up via RC Show website, or SCA Canada website. There will be a registration fee (TBD) to help cover cost of sending 2019 winners to worlds.

  • Grant is to handle marketing and promotion in collaboration with RC Show when materials are available.


  • We have opened up bids for Equipment Sponsors for a multi-year contract (2 competition cycles) to give value to sponsors and consistency for competitors. Equipment Sponsor to provide equipment (machines, grinders) for Regionals + Nationals, tech support, staff, and financial support to SCA Canada.

  • Event Host is to take on the responsibility of organizing and covering costs of hosting a National Level competition (venue, electrical/water, rentals, marketing materials, judges expenses, travel expenses for winner).

  • There are currently three Machine Companies with unique offers. The cities under review are Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto. The SCA will choose the bid that best will benefit and support competitors and members.

  • Currently the bid that best supports the above is: A joint National Event Host + National/Regional Equipment Sponsor package for 2019/2020 competition seasons and additional financial support. National Barista Championship 2019 hosted in Toronto. Offer of space and equipment in Vancouver + Toronto for competitors to practice at no cost to them. Leading into 2020 competition season, Regional Level competitions will take place with equipment provided, and workshops taking place in cities across Canada to encourage baristas to familiarize with equipment and consider joining SCA / competing. Regional/National Barista Championships 2020 location(s) TBD based on Event Host applications.

  • Applications for Event Host and/or Equipment Sponsor for 2019 Barista Championships will close on Wednesday, November 28th. A decision will be made on Thursday, November 29th.


  • Applications for 2019/2020 Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters will remain open.

  • We encourage potential Event Host applicants (for all competitions) to plan ahead and apply for 2020 season and beyond if 2019 is discouraging. We want to give equal opportunity to all to host Regional/National level competitions in their communities.

  • We are working on providing more communication and forward planning as the Canadian Chapter of the SCA.

NEXT MEETING - Thursday, November 29th, 2018

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