Minute Notes - November 29, 2018

Attending: Josh, Sam, Adam, Grant, Mansi
Minutes by: Grant

*Note - Mansi Chokski is the North America Experience Director for the Specialty Coffee Association


  • There are currently three offers to host Cup Tasters & Brewers Cup in 2019.

  • Hale Coffee Roasters (Toronto) have proposed to host CT + BC 2019 on April 1st + 2nd.

  • Eight Ounce and Transcend (Calgary/Edmonton) have put in a joint proposal to host CT + BC 2019 on April 1st + 2nd.

  • Th3rd Wave (Montreal) have proposed to host CT + BC 2019 in February. Sam to reconnect with them and propose hosting in 2020 alongside East Coast Coffee Madness (ECCM).

  • Transcend as Technivorm Canada have put in a bid to the the Equipment Sponsor for CT. Josh to clarify if the bid is for one cycle (2019) or two cycles (2019/2020).

  • Applications for Equipment Sponsors + Hosts 2019/2020 are still open.


  • Grant to connect with RC Show and finalize marketing roll out.

  • Grant to begin promoting to potential competitors.

  • Sam to finalize competitor registration with RC Show


  • Three Equipment Sponsor bids were received for 2019/2020: Nuova Simonelli, La Marzocco, and Sanremo. Two of the bids also included Host Proposals for 2019/2020 Regionals and Nationals, along with ongoing support throughout the annual cycles. All three bids show tremendous support for the SCA Canada, our members, and the Canadian specialty coffee community as a whole.

  • The vote was 3/4 in favour of Sanremo as the Official Equipment Sponsor for the Barista Championships in 2019/2020. Sanremo Canada will also be the Event Host for the National Barista Championships in 2019, which will be held in Toronto at the end of February/Beginning of March.

  • The National Coordinators felt that the chosen bid shows incredible support for competitors and potential competitors across Canada, financial support for the SCA Canada annually, Regional and National Competition support in 2020, and educational support for communities across Canada during two competition cycles.

  • The bid is as follows: Support from Sanremo Canada, Sanremo USA, Sanremo Italy. Sanremo will build three custom machines for the Canadian Barista Championship Regional and National cycles in 2019/2020. Sanremo will also provide six grinders, technical support, staff, and equipment transport in the 2019/2020 seasons. Sanremo will bring in their international team members to host workshops and/or talks to encourage new competitors and support current competitors. Team members include but not limited to: Agnieszka Rojewska, Sasa Sestic, Hugh Kelly, and John Gordon. Sanremo will host additional free ‘barista bootcamps’ in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Additionally, in these cities Sanremo will provide space and equipment for competitors and potential competitors to practice at no cost to them. Sanremo to implement a merchandise program with proceeds allocated to SCA Canada to further support and raise awareness. Sanremo to host the 2019 National Barista Championships in Toronto. Sanremo to host Regionals + Nationals in 2020 (in the case that SCA Canada do not receive appropriate proposals to host). Financial support to the SCA Canada in 2019. Financial support to the SCA Canada in 2020.

  • Mansi to provide SCA Canada with legal assistance in setting up contracts based on Specialty Coffee Association structures and guidelines.

  • Grant to follow up with Nuova Simonelli, La Marzocco, and Sanremo.

  • SCA Canada to explore proposed competitor workshops with La Marzocco, Crush The Rush, and offer support and guidance.

  • Host Applications for 2020 Regionals/Nationals will remain open.


  • Specialty Coffee Association is working on a project which will provide guidance and support to host Education Seminars and additional events internationally.

  • A pilot of this project is under consideration for Canada during 2019.

  • Sam to connect with Mansi and discuss further about collaboration.

  • ECCM has expressed interest to host official SCA Classes during event in 2019.

  • SCA Canada to continue discussion surrounding an SCA Canada Member gathering at the SCA Expo in Boston.

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