Minute Notes - March 8, 2018 - 5pm EST

Attending: Josh, Sam, Adam, Mike, Jen

Minutes by Jen

Ottawa Eastern Regional:

  • Equipment from ECM is on its way to Bridgehead
  • Dalla Corte shiping tables
  • Gabriel may be able to help with coordination. Wes and Adam can also help.
  • Josh handle communications
  • Need to talk to the venue people, and order water.
  • Zuccarini and Christina will be there at 8am on the 15th
  • Jen will send a list of previous roaster sponsors from the East
  • Little Victories to host a party on Thursday night


  • Sam is doing a site visit March 9th with Grant
  • There will be a volunteer call out next Tuesday at Boxcar Social - cancelled
  • AeroPress competition and Barista Competition in one venue? Application is being submitted
  • Hario x Eight Ounce hosted after party
  • Debated having Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters on the same weekend. Decided to just have cup tasters as it is easier to organize. Adam will call out for volunteers to organize it. No Brewers Cup this year - tentative
  • No one has come forward about the marketing position yet. We need to reach out to those who might be interested. The deadline will be extended if need be.

Next Thursday's conference call to be skipped, next meeting will be the 22nd.