Minute Notes - March 22, 2018 - 5pm EST

Attending: Josh, Sam, Adam, Mike, Jen

Minutes by Mike

Recap of EQBC

  • There were many issues, but the competition happened.
  • The espresso machines arrived 1 day late, which made the setup very stressful. It is not always possible to have machines shipped earlier because that means machines need to be stored offsite and then transported.
  • One lesson is that SCA Canada need to clearly define expectations for roles. For example:
    • Machine sponsor- be on site the entire time of practice and competition, understand the electronics of the machine, etc.
    • Event manager- be on site the entire time of practice and competition, delegate tasks to others, etc.
    • Station maintenance- keep track of grinder movement from station to station, monitor issues with grinders, etc.
  • SCA Canada need to define a screening process to hosts and explain up front that the host needs to communicate to the National Committee frequently. Also, the National Committee needs to be more hands on with checking in and mentoring in advance of the event.
  • There was an error with tabulating the scores of all competitors, and Josh will send a message to all competitors explaining the error.


  • Included with the National Sponsorship package, SCA Canada need to define expectations of the sponsors and include vetting of sponsors.


  • National Coordinators were sceptical of their ability to run the Cup Tasters and Brewers Cup Championships at the same time as the Barista Championship. Even though a vote was done previously to have Cup Tasters Championship along with Barista Championship, SCA Canada felt like it would be advantageous to run Cup Tasters and Brewers Cup at the same event.
  • A vote was passed with 4 of 5 votes to run Cup Tasters and Brewers Cup Championships at a later date.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

  • 4 applications came in.
  • Adam will forward the applications to National Coordinators and a vote will take place via text on the 23rd.


  • Communication needs to be made to Jen in advance of the events so that planning can be made.
  • Guidelines need to be set for typical items such as food, etc.
  • Sponsors need to pay before the event happens.
  • Focus on yearlong National Sponsors.

Next Meeting: March 29th, 5pm EST