Minute Notes - March 29, 2018 - 5pm EST

Attending: Josh, Sam, Mike, Gabe

Minutes by Sam

National Barista Comp. & Beanstock

  • Sam site visit to Quantum on March 29th for Aeropress Competition. Quantum will look into seeing if the study room and patio is free on May 25th. They’re open to closing the cafe down early for the event.

  • Mike to touch base with Adam about the Educational aspect of the weekend

  • Adam, Josh & Jen to talk about sponsorship & finances; rely in Gabe when ready to create a sponsorship package


Brewer’s Cup & Cup Tasters

  • Ideas for winners since SCA will not be sending a representative to Worlds:

    • SCA organizes origin trips - so SCA Canada can potentially do the same to send Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters winners to the trip

    • Give money to winners to Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters


East Qualifier Barista Competition

  • Josh communicated to East Qualifier Barista Competitors

  • Graham would like to get the 4th place plaque - Sam to facilitate the plaque change

  • 18 competitors invited to compete in Nationals; if more than 2 drops out SCA will only open spots to fill in 16 slots

  • Sam to follow up with Cliff about East Qualifier outstandings


SCA Communication

  • Communicate to qualifying competitors with updates along the way

  • Adam to send Gabe SCA profiles/PW and pass off any Marketing & Communication information

  • Put out a call for competitors & judges, sponsors, hosts for Brewers Cup & Cup Tasters

  • Communicate:

    • Subcommittee form

    • Brewers Cup & Cup Tasters will not happen in May

Next Meeting: April 5th, 5pm EST