Minute Notes - January 10, 2019

Attending: Josh, Sam, Mike, Grant
Minutes by: Grant

2019 National Coffee In Good Spirits & Latte Art

  • Restaurants Canada has yet to confirm Coffee Sponsor as well as Alcohol Sponsor

  • Grant to connect with Hennessy via Adam to follow up on previous interest

  • 8/9 competitors have signed up for Latte Art

  • 7/9 competitors have signed up for CIGS

2019 National Brewers Cup & Tasters Cup

  • Competitor registration will be live next week

  • Judge + Volunteer callout will follow shortly

  • Event Host will be in charge of volunteers

  • Miguel will be the official WCE Judge and sanction the event

2019 National Barista Championship

  • Date will be within the dates: March 14-17, 2019 in Toronto, ON (pending confirmation from WCE Judge + Sanremo)

  • Hector will be the WCE Judge and sanction the event

  • Sanremo has confirmed that the first round of machines is complete and ready to air ship at the end of the month

  • There can be a maximum of 36 competitors with finalists moving on to the last day.

  • SCA Canada to explore the opportunity to host training workshops with Nuova Simonelli (ECM + Zuccarini) to help prepare competitors and maintain relationship


  • Sam will be putting together a master spreadsheet to clarify responsibilities of Committees, Event Hosts, Sponsors etc.

  • Grant will begin to compile official SCA Canada Document Packages (sponsors/event hosts/committee)

  • Grant to put a call out for Marketing & Communications Subcommittee, along with Marketing volunteers for the competitions

  • Terminology - ‘Qualifiers’ opposed to ‘Regionals’ - Competitors do not have to compete within their region

  • There is a 2020 Barista Championship Qualifier confirmed

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