April 18, 2019

Attending: Grant, Josh, Sam, Mike, Adam
Notes by: Grant

Elections for next two-year term.

  • End of two year term for current Coordinators.

  • Mansi + SCA did not agree with the idea of 1 year terms for certain member roles, to aid with transition period and maintain some current coordinators. Better for election every two years with full changeover. Current Coordinators may run again for their positions.

  • Alternatively, current Coordinators may build an ‘Advisory Board’ and join as consultants for new Coordinators.

  • SCA Canada may have more than five competitors. Sam to connect with Mansi and obtain roles and descriptions from SCA Korea + SCA USA Chapters who have 25+ Coordinator roles. Perhaps a model to follow.

  • End of April - Finalize Roles. May 1st - Election announces and nominations open for two week period. Mid May - Verify is nominees are current SCA Members. Last week of May the election takes places and voting continues until early June when announcement takes place.

  • Important to relay that “To run for a National Coordinator Role or to vote, you must be a member of the SCA.” Good opportunity to promote membership benefits.

  • Adam to send Grant the Membership FAQ for website and socials.

  • Current Coordinators to decide on roles for election by end of April.

  • Grant to handle promotion of election and relay information.

Competition Scholarship

  • Potential of launching a ‘scholarship’ for prospective competitors, where they will receive their registration fee waived upon review of candidates. Potentially pilot this project for 2020 Qualifiers (Barista Championships). Grant and Sam to coordinate the parameters, Grant to handle promotion.

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