Minute Notes - April 4, 2019

Attending: Sam, Josh, Mike, Adam, Grant
Notes by: Grant

Recap of LA + CIGS 2019

  • Overall ran smoothly - better than 2018, higher attendance and interest.

  • Limited by the hours of the show floor, so competition is capped at 9/10 competitors for each

  • Other companies are interested in hosting LA + CIGS but no official host applications have been submitted for 2020

  • If there is more interest, we can host Qualifiers as well as Nationals

  • Grant to connect with RC Show + Dalla Corte RE: Sponsorship to send winners to worlds

Recap of BrC + CT 2019

  • Competitions went very smoothly with Eight Ounce & Transcend as hosts. Only a small electrical issue which was resolved immediately.

  • Th3rd Wave in Montreal are interested in hosting 2020 BrC + CT in tandem with ECCM over the October weekend in Montreal.

  • Host applications remain open for 2020 season

Recap of BC 2019

  • Overall the competition was a success. Space was great, with good exposure and venue. Sanremo did an excellent job as the Host + Equipment Supplier. Only technical issue was with Ceado grinders - possibly revisit new sponsor for 2020 season.

  • Sanremo will continue as the machine sponsor for 2020 season.

  • Alternative Milks in competitions - Chris Tellez was not disqualified but scored zero in the milk round. Chapters do not have influence over the WCE rules and regulations, but the rules may be revisited in the future. The issue lies with nut allergies (common), and that alternative milks will be more difficult to judge. National Chapters may allow whichever rules they see fit, but for the World Routine, competitors would need to abide by WCE rules an change their original routine. Overall the National Coordinators are happy to see competitors use competition as a platform to express their passion and opinions. This was a positive.

  • 2020 Qualifier will be held in London, ON in the fall. SCA to follow up with event host and oversee progress of planning. Overall the event is set and ready for announcement.

  • Event Company in Victoria, BC has put in an application to host a 2020 Qualifier on Vancouver Island.

  • Sanremo has suggested a 2020 National in Montreal. Without an official host, will default to Sanremo. More details to follow.

2020 season bids and next steps

  • Grant to map out campaign to generate awareness and seek hosts.

  • Coordinators to announce at SCA Expo that Chapter is searching for 2020 hosts.

Collaborations + Additional

  • Workshop Wednesday will be back in May - SCA Expo takes precedence

  • Pilot will be following up with information on campaign results

  • RGC have expressed interest in a campaign - Grant to follow up.

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