SCA Canada SUbcommittee 

Update September 26, 2018:

Thank you for all who applied. We have now closed the application process for the Education & Events Subcommittee. The Coordinators will connect in the up coming weeks via email.

SCA Canada is committed to continually provide the resources and tools necessary to enrich the Canadian Speciality coffee community.  The Chapter is now looking to expand the committee through various roles within subcommittees as an avenue for professional development and gain experiences in coffee. Please click on a subcommittee of interest for more information.


  • Completion of application form

  • SCA member a bonus


We will fill these roles on an ongoing basis with the hope to have these subcommittees by October, 2018. 



Chair: Jennifer Farnell - Finance Coordinator/Josh Hockin - National Coordinator 



Chair: Mike Strumpf - Education Coordinator



Chair: Sam Le - Events Coordinator